JAY BONANSINGA, New York Times bestselling author of ROBERT KIRKMAN’s THE WALKING DEAD: DESCENT says…

“Day Zero gets under the reader’s skin quicker than a walker bite! Authentic, terse, economical, surgically precise… a barn-burner that reads like a cross between Tom Clancy and the Marquis de Sade!”


DAY ZERO (Book 1)

My name is John.

A freak injury ended the only career I ever knew. I stepped off a plane in New England with the hopes of heading home, but a hitchhiking pit stop at a gas station trapped me in an island community when the dead started to reanimate.

The news said it was a plague. I don’t really care. What’s important now is fending off the undead to keep these residents safe. I just don’t know how long we will survive.

Strange things keep happening. The dead are popping up in town. People are disappearing. Human threats loom.

I am only one man.



My name is John.

The ghosts of those I failed to protect haunt me. The Gaunt Man,a new persistent hallucination, claws at the cracks of my sanity. I must keep ahead of all of these phantoms. I need to get home, even if it means facing a road full of rotting walkers.

People on the road have chosen to follow me. Can they count on me for their survival or will the knights of a strange new kingdom tear us apart?

Will they be lost to me? Will I be lost to them?

Or will I simply descend into madness and be left as just another of the undead.


Undead Worlds – A Reanimated Writers Anthology

22 Authors. 22 Undead worlds. 1 Great Book.

Do you dare?

Alone Together by David Simpson
What do you do when there is nowhere left to run?

Gone Fishin’ by Justin Robinson
When the dead rise, the living become the monsters.

The Festival by Christopher Mahood
A city on lockdown as a nation awaits bloodshed, let the festival begin.

Jimmy by Arthur Mongelli
Decades of meddling with the food we eat brings about the zombie apocalypse, ordinary people struggle to survive.

The Fort by Michael Whitehead
When sanctuary becomes a prison, all you can do is fight.

Adam by Sylvester Barzey
Some families aren’t worth dying for.

A Peaceful Town by Jeremy Dyson
He promised to keep her safe from the dead, but no place is safe anymore.

The Undead Pool: The Zombie Night by Derek Ailes
Superheroes battle the living dead in the ultimate spoof of the comic book universe.

Zombie Exterminators by Grivante
Two brothers saving the world one job at a time!

The Horror at Roswell Mills by Michael Pierce
When the newly formed Combined Ops South took a long look at her vigilante operations, ‘Captain Alice’ was quickly invited to integrate her ‘Posse’ with the State Defense Forces.

Before Safe Haven: Losing the Battle by Christopher Artinian
There is no greater weapon than the will to fight for the ones you love.

On the Rocks by E.E. Isherwood

Morning of The Living Dead by Mark Cusco Ailes
Creating zombies for a theme park isn’t an awesome idea when the zombies escape from the Zombie Park.

Defenseless: A Story of Death & Decay by R. L. Blalock
As the zombies rise, 6-year-old Dylan must face a frightening new world alone.

To the Hills by T. D. Ricketts
A real live zombie apocalypse!

When I Grow Up, I Won’t Be by Brea Behn
What if you knew you’d never make it to 18?

Fallen by Jessica Gomez
Shh… don’t make a sound.

Brain Waves by Julien Saindon
Better living through dead electronics.

Damaged Goods by Samie Sands
There’s only one rule: don’t get bit!

Avery by Valerie Lioudis
Trapped in a world with the undead, Avery looks to control it by filling her space with treasures, leading her to risk her life for useless garbage.

In the Beginning, God by Charles Ingersoll
God made Man. Man made monsters.

Evacuation by Adrienne Lecter
When the world is about to end, one man has to bring home the bacon.