JAY BONANSINGA, New York Times bestselling author of ROBERT KIRKMAN’s THE WALKING DEAD: DESCENT says…

“Day Zero gets under the reader’s skin quicker than a walker bite! Authentic, terse, economical, surgically precise… a barn-burner that reads like a cross between Tom Clancy and the Marquis de Sade!”

DAY ZERO (Book 1)

My name is John.

A freak injury ended the only career I ever knew. I stepped off a plane in New England with the hopes of heading home, but a hitchhiking pit stop at a gas station trapped me in an island community when the dead started to reanimate.

The news said it was a plague. I don’t really care. What’s important now is fending off the undead to keep these residents safe. I just don’t know how long we will survive.

Strange things keep happening. The dead are popping up in town. People are disappearing. Human threats loom.

I am only one man.



My name is John.

The ghosts of those I failed to protect haunt me. The Gaunt Man,a new persistent hallucination, claws at the cracks of my sanity. I must keep ahead of all of these phantoms. I need to get home, even if it means facing a road full of rotting walkers.

People on the road have chosen to follow me. Can they count on me for their survival or will the knights of a strange new kingdom tear us apart?

Will they be lost to me? Will I be lost to them?

Or will I simply descend into madness and be left as just another of the undead.