Undead Preparedness

“Wonder why Zombies, Zombie Apocalypse, and Zombie Preparedness continue to live or walk dead on a CDC web site? As it turns out what first began as a tongue in cheek campaign to engage new audiences with preparedness messages has proven to be a very effective platform. We continue to reach and engage a wide variety of audiences on all hazards preparedness via Zombie Preparedness; and as our own director, Dr. Ali Khan, notes, “If you are generally well equipped to deal with a zombie apocalypse you will be prepared for a hurricane, pandemic, earthquake, or terrorist attack.” So please log on, get a kit, make a plan, and be prepared!”

~ from a http://www.cdc.gov article from the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response

What began as a campaign to capture public awareness on hazard preparedness became an internet sensation. The zombified perspective taken by the Center for Disease Control to get more living persons educated and involved in disaster survival has now become a mainstay on their site.

Prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse? Yes? Good!┬áNow you are prepared for almost every natural or man-made disaster (barring something nuclear – a la Threads or The Day After). If the Cubans invade? You have food and firearms! If the bird flu takes out the populace? You have medical supplies, a Go Bag, and firearms! If an earthquake or a hurricane or a polar vortex occurs? Food? Check! Medical supplies? Check! Protection? Check! Shark Repellant? Wait?! What?! What is this? The 60s Batman feature film?

Since the zombie apocalypse is a certainty within our lifetime, it’s best to be vigilant and prepared.

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