Day Zero: Creedmoor is Here!

The third installment of the ongoing Day Zero zombie apocalyptic series is here! Join Marine Corps sniper Sgt. John Walken as he, Jude, Sean and the others find themselves captured by the corporation that experimented on John while he was still serving his country. Now, the real Man in the Black Suit seems to hold all the cards as he forces John to take on a mission to hunt down someone that the head of Roanoke & Raleigh believes is worth spending all available resources to retrieve.  Can John bring this quarry back alive while keeping his own people safe from harm?

Is The Walking Dead Close to Death?

The second half of season eight is upon us. Many have admonished the fact that the series has taken a more drastic turn is recent episodes. Many have lamented why a post-apocalyptic group of heroes would waste so many bullets shooting up all the windows of Negan’s Sanctuary in an effort to ferret out a surrender of the big bosses. Many didn’t like the unceremonious change in the cinematographic style of ep 801 with all of the heroes’ haggard and furrowed faces fading in and out of the screen. Some friends have stopped watching the series altogether, tired of waiting for the magicks of the early seasons to return. Even I couldn’t defend Rick and his band of survivors this season… and I love The Walking Dead!


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Wedding Vows Exchanged at Zombie Fest

As the zombie apocalypse looms every closer, survival groups gather to compare their Go-Bags, armored vehicles, and the state of their preparedness. But is there love and romance in the near-future dystopian society? Is there even room for it?

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