Welcome to my world.

An alcoholic father. A co-dependent and enabling mother. The memory of my oldest brother—now dead—who I don’t think I will ever live up to. A youngest brother who can do no wrong, in spite of his attitude. Here I am, a girl looked at with disdain by my own parents—stuck in the middle of a dysfunctional American family—with my crippled brother.

Belittled and ignored, unless the personal attention was unwarranted and unwanted. This is how I have always known my life. This morning started off like every other morning, except for the fact that my father didn’t make his way into my room before work. Today, life was suddenly and uncontrollably different.

What was worse? The continued abuse in a terrible family that I wish I could escape, or the rise of the dead that could threaten my family and my entire way of life? Tough choices.